10 Coffee Table books that I would like exist – Best Self Co Edison Deck Day 1

Sometime in February I got suckered in by a pesky Facebook Ad for a Free 13 Week Road Map Poster by Best Self Co. This company offers beautifully designed and high quality organizational items such as planners, notebooks and action pads. I guess the algorithms that follow us in our digital lives know that I’m trying to work on myself and had no idea where to start.

The poster came and so did an email with a 50% coupon and suggestions for card decks they developed to practice decision making, idea generation, journal writing– all of the things that I feel I am really bad at and wanted to work on.

Yep, I bought all three.

This post marks the beginning of my journey through the Edison Deck which contains 100 prompts to think about. Today’s prompt is “10 Coffee table books you’d like to exist” and they are as follows:

  1. Historical Bagpipes & Bagpipe Makers
  2. Folk Music Sessions
  3. Highland Cows in the US and Scotland
  4. Accessibility Aids, Tools & Devices
  5. Modern Web Comics
  6. The life and Music of Martyn Bennett and Gordon Duncan
  7. Showcase of adaptive musical instruments
  8. Rubber Ducks
  9. Tartan and Plaid Shirts
  10. Pictures of good Cable Management

If I get more time I may come back and edit this to include explanations but my lunch hours is almost up and I used much of it to write the first three paragraphs! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s list!



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