10 Guiding Principles for Your Life and Career – Best Self Co Edison Deck Day 2

Today’s prompt is rather deep. It really makes you stop and think about yourself. Since this exercise is meant to be quick they may not all make sense or fleshed out.

Below are my 10 Guiding Principles for my life and career:

  1. Be kind to yourself and others
  2. Embrace adventure. Unexpected or unplanned things can be fun
  3. Sometimes you really should have a plan
  4. You are not responsible for other people’s emotions or actions
  5. Take the time to figure out how you define yourself and then embrace it and be proud
  6. Be open to learning new things.
  7. Listen more than you talk (I’m still working on this one, just call me Chatty Cathy)
  8. Accept speaking engagements if there is an opportunity to do. Network
  9. Listen to your first thoughts and analysis with your second thoughts but also listen to your gut
  10. Listen to and play music loudly and on repeat if it lifts your spirits

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